bridges the innovation of AMM prediction market technologies, P2P unlimited betting and state of the art social UI features with the freedom and opportunities of Decentralized Finance, in order to create an industry first decentralized prediction markets trading and social P2P betting platform.

Our team

Mikel comes from the old-school eGaming industry, with over five years of experience in innovating and disrupting the gambling industry. However, he acknowledges that the old model is broken and that the industry requires a technology-driven revolution.His mission now is to utilize his expertise and passion for the industry bringing Defibet’s vision to life and disrupting the status quo.

Itziar Álava, a marketer, focused on optimizing search, share, and distribution via data-driven communication strategies and growth hacking. A breath-of-fresh-air in the digital marketing field, concentrating her efforts on branding, positioning, and growth, which has led to high-performance results for several companies, national and international.

Jorge Gomes, over 20 years of experiencie in the IT world working in several ventures and companies. Software engineer at Neoris, Team Lead at Prot-on, leading a team of developers. Project Manager at Sareb, responsible for NPLs and recover systems. CTO at RealFund. Platform to Tokenize Real State properties via STOs.

He is a skilled Ethereum developer who has participated in several crypto projects such as RuufPay, Zignaly, iCommunity, PromoSwipe or Xifra, helping them launch their own Tokens. He is also Ethereum professor at Deusto Business School.

David has vast professional exposure with regard to designing innovative digital strategies and products for all types of companies during his 15+ years of experience. His focus is on applying UX/UI practices to create top-notch digital experiences.

As career highlights he was Product Owner at HobbieSpot (lead the product strategy for the Series B round) and Co-founder of Binima-Devoteam. David shares his expertise as a teaching professional at INEDI Design School.

Unai has a Master in Nanoscience and a PhD in Physics with focus in Computational Condensed Matter Physics. He has worked in applied AI research in quantitative finance and has been passionate about blockchain and AMM from the early days. He is in charge of the development of our proprietary AMM protocol using cutting edge research on quantitative modeling and state of the art practices.

Antonio Berenguer has been an equity options trader for a leading market-making firm in Europe and previously a quant researcher in portfolio optimization. He is experienced in markets from both sides, liquidity provider and position taker, and has a strong technical background, holding a PhD in Computational Electromagnetics and a MSc. in Quantitative Finance. He has developed and researched the core inner workings of our proprietary AMM algorithms and approach.

With a 17 year career in Spanish, UK and Norwegian Media, Oier Fano has published over 4.000 articles in newspapers and digital publications in Europe, USA and South America. He is also an experienced journalist when it comes to producing multimedia content with over 50k followers on Twitter.

He has also taken part in digital marketing campaigns. For example, he cooperated with Philips Spain during 2014’s World Cup, being in charge of the Social Media campaign.

Alvaro is a young entrepeneur and self starter with experience in the eSports world having founded his own team.
In addition, he has been the Community Lead and Content Lead at different projects, including Blockchain gaming projects.

With more than 9 years of design experience, she works effectively in a wide range of fields, according to the specific needs of each project, achieving a deep understanding of complete and successful user flows. She makes creativity and passion for design the primary inputs of her work. She holds a Master’s Degree in Multimedia Design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.

Partners & Advisors

Sanctum Global Ventures
Strategic Advisory

Sanctum Global Ventures is a Capital Venture, Asset Management and Private Equity company which is a goal-driven fund empowering businesses globally that are working on sustainable development through venture building, new technologies, impact investments, synergy and technology transformations.

PR & Marketing

Coinstelegram is a Global leading crypto media group bringing together a vast community and expertise in all the stages of a project in the crypto industry.

PR & Marketing

CryptoPlaza is a crypto community focused on knowledge and high value content as well as networking, being a reference in Europe.


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